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A short distance from Rotorua lies the Western Okataina Walkway a superb track for a few hours of mountain biking in native forest. 26Km of technical backcountry riding. Originally an logging road this track is a one where you really earn your descents.  Taking 3-5hrs depending on your fitness.

With the exception of a couple of short but fun downhills most of the way out to the Trig is uphill, and in some places quite technical riding. Depending on one’s confidence and skill with technical uphill riding there could be some hike bike on the Western Okataina.

After 11 or so Km there is a turn off to the left to the Trig. This is another 1 and a bit Km to the top, this track is mostly a fairly short set of switchback climbs in the bush before popping out at the top. Unfortunately the only real view to be had is if you climb up the Trig itself! But this is a great spot to chill out and have lunch before turning around to start enjoying the downhills, you’ve just worked so hard for.

We recommend this trail to confident riders who fancy a change from riding in the Redwoods. It’s a pretty unique ride and well worth going only a short distance out the way of Rotorua.

This track, like any backcountry trail in NZ, takes a beating from the weather – so not adviced to be riding in or after large amounts of rain… it won’t be fun!

Adventurers can include this and many other awesome trails in your personalised MTB holiday, just get in touch with us to start planning your adventure.

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